Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Why 95 Percent Fail In The Best Network Marketing Opportunities

Network MarketingIn this article you will learn why people fail in Network Marketing opportunities, and what you can do to be a success at top Network Marketing opportunities.
Fact: 95% of people who get into Network Marketing and Network Marketing fail.
As you read every word of this article, you will begin to learn how to be one of the 5% successful Network Marketers. The Network Marketing industry offers us so much to fulfill financial freedom, and a lifestyle many can only dream of.
O Why people fail in Network Marketing opportunities
1. Network Marketing Opportunities Costs Less Than A TV
Most Network Marketing Opportunities cost less then a TV set for being part of the opportunity for a year. Due to this people jump in without thinking.Imagine buying a TV and not watching it. Did anyone say to you, you have to invest minimum 20 hours in a TV when you buy it? Would have you bought it in the first place?
2. Treating Network Marketing As A Hobby.
Most people get into Network Marketing and treat it as though it will work itself. The money will come rolling in by itself.
3. Un-Organised.
Most people join Network Marketing opportunities as a part time job, as they have there normal 9 to 5 day job. They then spend 1hr this week, 30 mins next week, 45 mins the following week.
4. Un-Professional.
They try to sell there Network Marketing Company to others as a get rich quick, simply to fuel there eyes which look like $$.
5. Passion Like An Ice-Cube.
The most failures in Network Marketing are as committed to there Network Marketing home business as the amount of heat in an ice-cube.
6. Learning! LOL, I Learned In School, None Of That!
How can this type of person ever see success with Network Marketing? A doctor has to learn his craft before ever touching a patient.
7. Thinking Get Rich Quick.
New Network Marketers look at if only I have xxx downline I will be a billionaire! LOL. This makes up the most of the people who get in quick and leave as fast in Network Marketing.
O What you can do to be a winner in Network Marketing
1. Success Takes Time.
Success takes time, lots of time. You must prove that you are worthy. You must show the universe that you are committed. Whereas the failures buy a pizza from Dominos, and expect it ready made. Successes get the ingredients (your Network Marketing Company) and bake it to a grand pizza.
2. Invest Time or Money.
The top 5% earners in Network Marketing invest time or money. When you don't have money ~ you invest time, and when you don't have time ~ you invest more money. Be responsible, your success is down to you. You have the tools, its all now up to you.
Network MarketingSuccessful Network Marketers switch off the TV, tune out, and tune into there success. And live there lives to the max.
3. Treating Network Marketing As A Business.
It doesn't matter if they spend 1 cent or a million for a franchise. Successful Network Marketers always treat all they do like a proper business. And invest all they can in making it a success.
4. Successful Network Marketers Are Organised.
Successful Network Marketers, even those with day jobs, know what must be done, and when. They schedule time to do work on there business. And do at least 5 things daily to move there business forward.
5. Successful Network Marketers Are Totally Professional
Successful Network Marketers treat there Network Marketing -home business- Exactly like that, a BUSINESS. They are professional, and in all that they do, they are Network Marketers.
They care about people, and only want to give a Network Marketing Company to people who understand what they have to invest to make there Network Marketing business a success. And work with them till they do.
6. Successful Network Marketers Are Passionate.
They love the product and the opportunity, due to the benefits it gives people. They understand the pay cheque they receive is an indicator of how much they have been committed to there business.
7. The Successful Network Marketers Love Learning
Successful Network Marketers love learning. And do all they can to improve themselves and there skills so they can benefit there downline.
Follow these principles and you will be a success. Remember most people leave Network Marketing within 3 months of starting.
In my next article to you, you will learn if free traffic schemes can generate leads.
Till we meet again...
To your success
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